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October 2011

It has been 2 years since my son and I joined our first Taekwon-do class.  From that day on our lives have changed in such a great way.

My son has grown immensely as an individual.  His confidence was something I worried greatly about when he was younger, but since he became a Taekwon-do student, Ms Connolly has worked, and is, working wonders with him.  He looks forward to training and competing on every occasion, and on as many occasions as possible.  He had come from a child that dreaded the thought of sparring, to a child that can’t sleep the night before a competition with the excitement.  He has learned that respect and courtesy towards others will build many bridges in life for him, and help him to reach his full potential.

For myself, Taekwon-do has given me a new lease on life.  It has taught me many valuable lessons, such as you are never too old to learn something new; never be afraid to fail as through failure you develop and progress and most importantly for me never give up!  If I stop trying I will never achieve my goals.  Ms Connolly and Mr Fitzgibbon have taught me many valuable lessons that I have transferred into my everyday life; lessons that have made not only my life much more enjoyable, but also my family’s.

The Tenants of Taekwon-do, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit, are not only words for us now, they are a very important part of lives.  

Many thanks, Ms Connolly and Mr Fitzgibbon

September 2011

Hi ms Connolly, i am just home after one of your classes and was thinking to myself that i am now training with you 2 years. Starting Taekwondo at 40 years young was a concern but not for long, it has been the best thing i have ever done for myself. with world class instructors like yourself and Mr Fitzgibbon ye changed my life for the better, not just in Taekwondo but also outside of class, friends i hope to have for a very long life. thank ye both. good night.

August 2010

My son has been going to the above camp for over a year now and we have seen amazing developments in his focus and social skills. Mr Fitzgibbon is a credit...his tactile discipline also teaches respect which shows in my sons attitude on a day to day basis. Best class he has been to in terms of long term continued progress.

July 2010

Through Connacht Taekwon-do Schools, we as a family of four (2 adults & 2 children) can obtain access to training under top class international instructors, Mr Shane Fitzgibbon and Ms Lisa Connolly. Their dedication to this martial art has enabled us to develop skills in Taekwon-do and in self-defence, thereby increasing our self-confidence and self-esteem. Focusing on overall health and nutrition their holistic approach ensures that all members are participating to the best of their ability. Their top-class instruction has already secured us many medals in the Connaught Championship over the two years that we have participated in the group. A fantastic class which benefits the whole body and mind!

July 2010

I find this organisation very inclusive, embracing different cultures, age groups, and the varying ability of children. All children progress through a curriculum where their achievements are recognised, but they do this at the pace that is most appropriate to them. They see that practice/work yields dividends which is a valuable lesson to learn in life. My two boys age 7 and 9 love their classes and are clearly motivated as they also practice between classes.

June 2010

The Connacht Taekwon-do Academy has the highest standard of teaching in all of Ireland! Mr. Fitzgibbon and Ms. Connolly are excellent teachers and I've learned a lot from them in just a year!

June 2010

The gains a child realises here are phenomenal. Exercise, discipline, fun, and self defence to name but a few. Shane Fitzgibbon is the head coach and he is fantastic with children.

June 2010

It is the best class for building a child's confidence and motivation.  My timid daughter has come out of herself so much, and looks forward to every class.  She looks up the the higher grade belts, and respects them and appreciates the time they give to help train her.

March 2009

Dear Mr Fitzgibbon

I just read over the endorsements and that latest email you recieved I agree with it 100%. I believe that you are helping so many people and children with the skills that you teach. You teach people skills to succeed.

I doubt you realise how much you made an impact and a difference to my life. Before I began in your class, I was a completly different person that was looking for changes in my life. It was you and your class that thought me the DISCIPLINE how to make those changes. You thought me how to respect others and myself. You thought me how to push myself beyond my limits. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with ADHD, I used to think that would mean that I couldn’t do things that other people could. From you, I learned to look beyond that, and since it has not been an issue.

It has been almost 5 years since I was training in your class or in Taekwondo, and even today, I still have that mindset that I learned from you, to believe in yourself and to fight for your goals.

I used to think that it was just taekwondo that helped shape the person that I am today. But it was actually you with the guidance of Taekwondo.

I sometimes find myself reverting back to my old way of thinking and I say that "I just need to start doing Taekwondo again and that will get me back to myself" but not all instructors are like you. The way you drive people, the way you make your students believe in is just incredible. Like Ive said before, since I have trained with you, I have trained with numerous other clubs and instructors, and NONE get even a look in to the way you impact your students. You teach people LIFE SKILLS through taekwondo and its not hard to see your passion for it which is what makes you so popular.

I feel that it is important for you to know just how much of a difference that you have made to me, and the countless others that you teach. I would give my left arm to be back in your class. Credit where credit is due.

Kind Regards and Gratitude,



February 2009

Dear Mr. Fitzgibbon,

My husband and I want to thank you most sincerely for the positive influence you have had on our children.  When they joined Taekwon-do it was primarily for exercise and we never imagined that it would bring so much more into their lives.  Since my husband had done Taekwon-do to 2nd degree black belt level, he instantly recognised that your skill and technique was world class.  What took a little longer for us to recognise was the other attributes that you have. It goes without saying that as a result of taekwon-do, our boys have become physically stronger, fitter and more flexible but your classes have also played a very important role in the development of their character.  You have taught them that if they believe in themselves and work hard, anything is possible and they have brought this philosophy into other areas of their lives.  Your enthusiasm as an instructor and your teaching technique has instilled in them a love for, and dedication to taekwon-do and has helped them to strive for their ‘personal best’ in everything.   Even though they are taught as a class, you intuitively know when each of them needs a little extra time or a word of encouragement. Many times you have had a momentary one-on-one conversation with them which makes them feel very special and is a great motivator. This has been especially important to Kenneth and he is now determined and confident that despite his mild disability he will one day achieve his black belt.  They have always been very respectful children and this is a trait that you have further developed in them.  It’s interesting to us that even though they only spend a few hours per week in your company, they bring your teaching with them and apply it to many aspects of their lives, always towards a positive result.  This is testament to the fact that you are a true mentor to them.  They are now in their teenage years, therefore we know that the Taekwon-do ethics and codes of conduct are of even greater importance.  

Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm.


Christine Maguire Duignan

Ken Duignan    

December 2008

Hi Mr Fitzgibbon,

You were very busy today so I didn’t try to take up your time, I hope the email is OK.

I just wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation for the work you have done and continue to do with Joe (not his real name), even today driving home it is almost like having a different boy who is now full of confidence, self awareness and esteem, a far cry to what he was back in May when we first got in touch with you.

It really is a great credit to you all to see what a difference your classes make.

May we wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year

Joe’s parents

September 2007

Honest to god, Mr. Fitzgibbon, You’re one of the best instructors I've had.

I’d never done any form of martial art til I started with you in 2003. And due to a hamstring injury I had to stop prematurely...which is still at me by the way.

But since I moved back to Limerick, I’ve done and still do, Kickboxing, Kung-Fu, Mauy thai (all with the one guy, Master PJ ‘Bennis), I do kickboxing in another club also. (Mr Simon Moynihan)
Ive tried tang soo do...similar to taekwon-do but theres little sparring but he is a good instructor.(Master Des Galligan). and just started boxing.

I just want to show my respect here, not expectin a reply or anythin but if I think something Id rather say it.

You've set the bar pretty high for what I expect from a Matial Arts instructor.

From your warm-ups to cool downs, most of these guys I train with have never even bothered with isometric strectching or even cool downs for that matter which I think is VITAL!

You incorporate so much variety into a single class.
Sparring! Core Training! Aerobic fitness! Push ups, sit ups, squats, and of course forms.
You constantly keep the students guessing, they never know what to expect in a class, there for you keep them on their toes and in peak yourself.
Not only could you talk the talk but you could walk the walk also, as proven in your sparring and your trophy collection.
I regularly check up the website.

and not forgettin the reason that got me writing this in the first place.
You’re a fountain of knowledge when it comes to training smart and eating healthy.

Utmost respect......just wish there was an instructor like you here in Limerick.