A brief history of Taekwon-do

Immediately after the Korean liberation from the Japanese in 1956 the members of this art began earnestly to diffuse its influence throughout the country. In the armed forces of the Republic of Korea, General Choi Hong Hi began to teach troops what was to become Taekwon-Do for the purpose of developing a powerful R.O.K. armed force.

While engaged in his military duties, General Choi conducted a great deal of scientific and theoretical research on ancient Tae-Kyon, Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung-Fu, and accomplished our presently developed and modern Taekwon-Do techniques and theories.

In 1955 there was a general agreement on the amalgamation of all the schools Of Tae-Kyon under the one banner. A convention of all the leaders of Tae-Kyon, historians and other prominent persons was held on the 11th of April, 1955. This convention was led by General Choi Hong Hi. The name Taekwon-Do, suggested by General Choi was unanimously accepted for its similarity to the ancient name Tae-Kyon and Its apt description of the art :- Tae (Foot), Kwon (Hand), Do (Art).

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