Revolutionary “Boot Camp” at the Connacht Taekwon-do Academy

Get in serious shape for the summer of 2013 with Shane Fitzgibbon’s new “Fitz Body Blitz”  course which starts on April 18th. Fitzgibbon is no stranger to top fitness levels as he is currently WKA World Kickboxing Champion and has authored the internationally successful book “Training and Optimal Health for Sport”. Fitzgibbon has a B.Sc. and H. Dip in App. Sc. and has 20 years coaching experience. The 8-week general-fitness course is designed to get clients of any fitness level to the next step. This is accomplished by assessing all clients continuously and progressing or regressing as needed. The toughest challenge for group instructors is tailoring the exercise to the individual needs of individual clients. Fitzgibbon’s system will allow client’s from all fitness levels to enjoy training at an appropriately challenging intensity. Out of shape and want to get fit? This course is for you. Plateauing in your sport fitness levels, and want to break through to the next level? This course is for you.

Clients can expect to lose body fat, fit better in their clothes, gain muscle tone, increase energy levels, look better (hair/skin), etc... After 8 weeks your friends will see the difference.

The classes will focus on developing strength and stamina via speed/agility exercises, bodyweight movements, core training, and more. Most importantly, the classes will be aimed at you remaining injury-free and always improving. A key concept of the “Fitz Body Blitz”  is to constantly tailor the class to the members so they neither over-do it nor under-do it.


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Shane is a professional trainer who motivated me to a maximum effort. He showed us how to do the exercises properly for our own safety and as much benefit of it as possible. He shared his time between all of us, was very supportive and always appreciated the progress we made. I Couldn't imagine anyone better.

Everything we did was focused on achieving two goals: building muscles and reducing body fat. For me it worked perfectly. Now my body is more toned, I feel stronger and have noticed distinct decrease of my middle body fat. In other words my jelly belly is less jelly:) Not to mention about mental changes like better mood, better attitude towards everyday challenges, openness towards others, higher energy level and happiness inside.

Now I don't want to stop it, I want to exercise more to feel better, to look better and to live an active life. I want to recommend the Body Blitz classes to everyone.

- Anna Wlodarczyk.

The course starts on April 18th. Training will be Thursdays 7pm-8pm.  Advance booking is essential. Contact Shane on 087-2070577 or

To book your place while there still space available, click on the link below.  50% discount for Taekwon-do members or their family members. GOOD HEALTH DOESN’T COST, IT PAYS


It was not just the kids telling me I had a ‘muffin top’ or herself saying I had a bit of ‘winter weight’, I knew I was not fit and getting worse. When the opportunity was presented to me, I had run out of excuses – a time when I could attend and at a cost that I could well afford.

The hardest step was that first one – making the call, but from then on everything went smoothly. Not that there weren’t other hard steps but nothing too extreme. There were days when muscles complained at being pushed and stretched beyond their normal routine but I carried those little aches and pains as a badge of honour, telling friends that I was a bit sore from ‘training’ just to watch their jaws drop. I also found a new sense of pride in myself – I was getting fitter, I was doing something at last and I felt better all round.

It helped that the gym – or is it a dojo – is clean, comfortable and airy and the others are all in the same boat as myself. Some are much fitter but everyone has some area that needs work. Though we train together, we are also on our own, fighting our own inner-demons that want us to go back to the TV, the pub, to be a spectator not a player.

My introductory course has set me on a new road – one where I will keep up my fitness level and be able to play with the kids - swimming, kayaking, hiking and without gasping and holding everyone else up. It’s going to be a fitter and funner summer all round.

- Fergus Brogan

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